Kurian, DevOps Company

We help you to get started with DevOps.

What We Do

For teams getting started with DevOps... We come onsite and get started with the DevOps initiative or take up DevOps projects. We cover full spectrum of DevOps: Infrastructure Provisioning, Configuration Management, Deployment Automation, Proactive Monitoring and SRE/24x7 On-call Support.

For IT consulting companies... You know the requirements of your clients very well. We bring in the DevOps expertise and would work with you to implement DevOps best practices for your clients. Such projects can be owned by you or the clients later.

On AWS we release packaged DevOps solutions in the form of AMIs, containers and CloudFormation templates. Checkout our latest offerings here.

DevOps Tools


Help you select the right DevOps toolchain for automation and roll them out.


Rollout processes to sustain automation efforts.


Document tools and processes for continuity and maintenance.